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We are a team of scientists and engineers who believe that tackling the short-comings of the conventional livestock farming is critical in
securing a sustainable future.


Our mission at Multus Media is to enable the cultivated meat companies to flourish by developing a  platform for growth factor production that serves their exact needs.

Affordable, High-quality & Sustainable

Our platform enables us to optimise a variety of growth factor proteins to meet the diverse set of needs in growing different animal cell types and tissues.

These growth factors are produced by genetically engineered microorganisms, which removes the environmental impact of using animal serum-based growth media.

All about the scale 

Our system is based on simple fermentation principles used in the baking and brewing industries.

With a capacity to scale up, scale out and reduced down-stream processing, our customers are left with a solution that can compete with conventional meat products.


Cultivated Meat 

Livestock agriculture contributes to 15% of all greenhouse gas emission globally which is more than the entire transportation sector combined.

Cultivated meat brings an 87% reduction in CO2 equivalent emissions, along with 96% less fresh water use and 99% less land use to produce
the same amount of meat.

This is why our mission is to reduce the cost of the growth media for the meat, which accounts for 60-80% of the production cost of cultivated meat.

Therefore, our product can reduce the environmental and economic impact of meat production.



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